iQuery | What kind of traveller are you – the frequent flier or the rail reveller?

I am often asked, “Are you a beach person or a mountains person?”

But the Indian-travelling-through-India type of traveller that I am, my favourite question to ask is, “Are you an Indian airlines person or an Indian railways person?” 

It may be evident from my blog and social media posts that I am more loyal to the railways while choosing my preferred mode of transportation.
But it wasn’t always like this.

 When I first started travelling solo, I took flights to get to my destinations. But somewhere the lure of slow travel and revelling in the sensation of watching the world passing me by from the window seat took over and train travel made a comeback.
That and the fact that the inside of a train’s coach is a microcosm of the external journey!

But trust work-related travel to necessitate efficiency and therefore make me board aeroplanes when I’d much rather still take a train. In spite of all my travels, I have travelled by air a mere 8 times since 2015!

Goa, train, railways, rail, Indian Railways, India
The famous Dudhsagar rail route in Goa
I appreciate train travel because I enjoy observing human behaviour and travelling by train offers the perfect opportunity. As it turns out, co-passengers at airport terminals are no less quirkier than those at railway stations.

Below are ten of my own observations from the terminal and the tarmac – 
aeroplane, airlines, Air India, mountains, Himalayas
Somewhere in Jammu and Kashmir en route to Leh

So tell me, what do you observe while flying?

Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with Cleartrip. All opinions are my own.

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