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Riddle time.
Question: If you are not scanning the landscape to locate one and are most likely to cautiously tip-toe over after you have found one, what would you say you are doing?
Hint: You are also muffling your olfactory senses simultaneously.

Answer: Searching for or struggling to squat at a toilet

The bane of not just finding a toilet but finding a clean one tops the charts when it comes to challenges of travelling as a woman (especially in India).

I know I have struggled and how. When I was a little kid who accompanied her parents on road-trips, I would be filled with dread the moment my bladder decided it needed to be relieved. Because this meant identifying a ‘safe’ place where the deed could be done i.e. where I could go urinate.
With the exception that I now travel mostly independently, little else seems to have changed over the years.

Of course, petrol pumps along highways have now begun installing toilets for men and women. But I have sometimes found these locked up, unclean and without any water supply. Not to mention that a petrol pump isn’t a guarantee to a toilet. Not yet.
Those at coffee shops, food-courts, bus-stands and railway stations confront you with a similar dilemma: should you risk infection or should you endure longer?

The workaround for not having to lookout for a toilet has sometimes meant reducing the in-take of any liquids. That hardly counts as one because if you’re on a road-trip, parching yourself out is the recipe for a lousy trip ahead. Think dehydration and headaches.

From limiting my water in-take prior to departing for a trip to skipping my customary chai en-route to then sometimes contemplating wearing an adult diaper so that I don’t have to forgo the essentials, namely water and chai, I have always found myself back to square one – where my dignity, my health and digestive cycle are compromised.

So when I was approached by PeeBuddy for a collaborative post, I decided to hear them out.

A bio-degradable urination product, PeeBuddy is an answer to the discomfort of having to use unclean toilets – and not just when you are travelling. You could be at a mall, a restaurant, a pub or you could be nursing an injury on your leg that prevents you from bending your knees, Pee Buddy grants women the choice of standing and urinating without it being messy at all.
Yes, as a woman you can stand, urinate and dispose the product right after using it without any embarrassment whatsoever.
Personally, I have found it to be a relief as it is easy to use. That and of course the fact that the product is bio-degradable is what won me over.
You could also take a look at their range of other products such as Multi Use Wipes, Anti-Mosquito Patches and Under-Arm Sweat Pads on their website.

Contest --
I am offering 10 of my readers the opportunity to win PeeBuddy hampers. Each hampers includes: 1 pack of 5 PeeBuddys, InWi (intimate wipes) and ‘I Love Clean Disposal Bags’ (which contain agents that initiate degradation upon exposure to light)

To win one of these, all you have to do is share your hygiene story in under 200 words and write about the discomforts you have faced in using toilets at public places (or not finding one when you’ve needed it).

Send your responses via email to deep@firststepprojects.com with the subject line ‘PeeBuddy Hygiene Story’ by 23:59 hours on the 15th of August, 2016.
Winners will be informed via email by the 22nd of August 2016.
Contest is open to Indian nationals only.

Good luck and do let me know when you win!

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