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We live for our eureka moments.
Our moments of realisation.
Realisation that makes us bounce to our feet like bread out of a toaster.
Realisation that allays our inner existential murmurings.

I recently had my long awaited eureka moment; although I was nothing like Archimedes when that moment occurred. On the contrary, I took my time to consider. Six months later, I have developed my eureka moment into a concept that I feel brave enough to share.

I am extremely delighted to announce that with this post, I launch – ‘Be You For You – a series of expressive writing workshops that I have spent the past couple of months designing and look forward to facilitating.
Expressive writing is personal and emotional writing without regard to form or other writing conventions like spelling, punctuation and verb agreement

Be You For You’ is my endeavour aimed at encouraging children/students and adults/working professionals to begin unwrapping their individual stories through expressive writing. It’s a journey of acknowledging the pieces that make us who we are because writing allows us to explore and understand ourselves better than when we speak (and research backs that)! 

In this roll out, I am keen on working an organizational level. So if you or someone you know manages teams/departments, schools, colleges or even non profits and would like for me to take you through this workshop - either for your constituencies or your staff - I'd love to hear from you.
To know more, you can click to download the brochure and FAQs as well as also drop me an email at nomadicthunker[at]gmail[dot]com

How did this come about?
Travel. Obviously. 
I attribute much of my widened and heightened horizons to the moment I first discovered my nerve to travel solo.

That many months later, my travel bug mutated and developed tentacles of its own making me quit ‘the 9 to 6’ is now old news. [Read: How Travel Made Me Quit My Job]

That not everyone who travels has quit their job is yet to break the Internet!
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That about 18 months since the mutation, I have continued to be in love with being on the move and living out of my backpacks is no revelation either. Though I have come to understand that among a certain subset of the population, ‘to live location independent’ would imply to say “I’m jobless. Please provide me with shelter and food”
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Travel has forced me out of my comfort zone
Literally and figuratively
Geographically and mentally

Over 18 months ago when I decided to abandon the known for the unknown, I got asked: “Why throw it away when you have everything going for you?” I did not understand what they meant.
Personally, I had begun to detect a certain brand of complacency brimming within me. I was becoming rigid in my habits and access to disposable income had changed how I consumed – in what I purchased and how I socialized.
Nothing wrong with that, except that’s not what I wanted for me.
My contention then was that I didn’t want to ever look back and ask myself ‘What if!’ But no one understand what I meant.

It was in physically dislodging myself out of Bombay for the first time in my life that I realised how that had helped me dislodge myself from my mental comfort zone as well.
The implication was that in the months since I have been freelancing every project has been a journey into the unfamiliar, the unknown and even the uncomfortable. A lot like travel itself!

Whether it was the role of Biz Dev whereby I travelled for 6 months through 6 Indian states or the subsequent roles of social media manager, content curator and reviewer while engaging with brands and companies - both national and international – and writing for the digital as well as the print medium, every bit about this journey so far has been a novel experience!
Why, I am now also a trained and practising counsellor too!

And that brings me to my eureka moment: I have this one life to do all that I want. Would I fixate myself in the search for one true calling or would I rather wear as many hats as I can find?
In wearing the hats I’ve found so far, I have only grown.
And in struggling to find that one true calling, I have only likened myself to Sisyphus!

Evidently, I have made my choice.
I want to do as much as I can give my 100% to and not be limited by a borrowed logic that I’m supposed to be the master of one craft alone!
A multipotentialite is how I see myself.
(P.S.: I didn't come up with this word on my own. Watch this TED talk, if you haven't already)

No other post screams ‘Hire Me’ more than this one does. So if you or someone you know is interested in taking the groups you work with – be it children or teams of working professionals – through a self-exploratory journey, 'Be You For You' is for YOU.

So I’d reckon you help spread the word or shoot me an email. I'd love for us to take this forward!

To know about workshops I facilitate on expressive writing, lookie this link up --

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