How comfortable are you knowing that you :
Do not know?
Will never know?
Are not meant to ever know?

Is wanting to know not good?

Or is it that we're consumed with knowing about the frivolous, the banal?

What's not frivolous and banal and therefore merits knowing?

My lines are blurred. There are weeks and sometimes months after which I've realized that there's this insatiable and equally disturbing urge to know what cannot be known... Stuff  iRuminate over.

Lines straight out of the movie Ship of Theseus that I reckon make a lot of sense:
"A frog once asked a centipede how is it able to walk on a hundred feet, so gracefully synchronized while the frog finds it difficult to manage even two. The centipede took a moment to analyze its own walk and was baffled. So as it tried to walk further its feet got entangled and it tripped."

"I got you a gift. Alphabets. It's amazing how we imagine that just these few alphabets will someday arrange themselves in a way that everything will suddenly make perfect sense. A permutation of known words suddenly bringing forward a previously unknown meaning. It's so oppressive, this obsession with final answers."
Then I see people figuring out interpretations behind what was said, what was done...worse still what it was meant to imply.

Overkill with the thinking.