Because the good doesn't receive the publicity it deserves.

A quick glance around and all you see and hear is about what ain't right with the world we live in.
So warped, so ensconced in our own private little cut off from the rest -- we've stopped looking over our shoulders.
And when the tabloid headlines scream of a high profile suicide, we pour over reams that talk about the Whys, Whats, Whos, Hows... 
And that's it. 

Back to our private worlds -- being our own lab rats.

This to me is more grave and in a more serious need of a cure than malaria, tuberculosis, cancer and AIDS - if I may say so...
I think I'm the only one saying so...

Google Hangout, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook etcetera etcetera etcetera and we're more away and disconnected than in the days of the good old stand-in-one-place-STD-call-rates-killing-us.
The more people I meet the more I see beyond what's been said...'we are disconnected in a seemingly connected world'

We define whether someone is 'happy' based on how social they are, how often they frequent the club, whether they're in a serious relationship with a significant other, so on and so forth! 

So when was the last time 
- someone expressed gratitude towards something you did?
- somebody noticed the initiative you took?
- a perfectly random person was the life-saver you needed at that very moment?
- you received a out-of-the-blue call from an acquaintance or a friend only because you suddenly crossed their mind?

Random acts of happiness. 

The stuff the good life is made of. Puts a smile right under your nose and leaves it there for a very long time. Keeps you warm on the inside - the kind of warmth you wouldn't mind on a hot humid day either. Priceless.

When was the last time you did that for someone? Reach out

Let's bring love Art Buchwald says it!