"I love you."
"I know."

"Go die."
"You go die"


There's just one relationship that can encompass an entire gamut of emotions and yet be the only one you'll hold closest to your heart - for the both of you.

You learn from each other. You teach other. Secrets and betrayal. Ugliest fights and quickest patch ups. Against each other and against the world for each other.

The only one to reassure with a "Just don't ever change" in a world that's forever trying to change you. Or put to rest all your anxieties with a "Yeah it sucks!” Or capitalize on your woes in a rather sadistic fashion. Yet it’s very special.

The only one who can see through your lies. Know when you’re down and let you be. Even better are the tight yet extremely comforting bear hugs. Quite often it’s the look you share -- a look that just says WTF! when a situation demands. The only one to dare to wake you in the dead of the night because of a scary thought and you're the only one who can placate their fears.

I've learnt...and continue to learn. For instance I'm confident I can no longer be grossed out by anyone any more - I have been trained. I have upped my resistance to irritation as much as my ability to irritate. I've taught by practice the boon of a sarcastic retort as opposed to a barrage of pointless later to be regretted exchange of words.

Shout. Scream. Cuss. Hit. Punch. Fight. Shout even more. Irritate. IRRITATE. 
Characteristics of a what we share. Characterizes how we share ourselves with others in turn.
I know for a fact that it’s only because of these and other experiences that I am the ME I am today.

And I have the blessed fortune of sharing this with two very special people.