Circa 2012. 
Web 2.0. 
And yet all I hear being repeatedly being emphasized upon is the “need” to communicate. It’s come to be one of those oft used (and abused) words, looked up as the panacea for all evils that plague human relationships.
Aah! Right...

Here I was on my way back to my home, family, friends and the frenzied existence that I’d taken a “time out” from for just a couple of days. To my mind, there are some things that communication just messes up big time – those are the things that only solitude can repair.

Just as I am conforming to my own thoughts, I realize that I’m in the company of a couple who’ve easily completed around 45 odd years of marital bliss. Yes, I use the term “marital bliss”. I have my earphones plugged in and I know they’re speaking in a local language I wouldn’t be able to tell from Mandarin! And yet there’s one thing I’m confident about – “marital bliss”.

They boarded the train a couple of stations after me. It’s been over 2.5 hours since and they’ve been “communicating” with each other – communicating, not speaking or talking to each other. Communicating – when one speaks and the other listens intently, ears and eyes open and receptive. Cutely enough, they face each other as they communicate – as opposed to sitting side by side and staring blankly at the surface in front of them or being distracted by the constant movement within and outside the train. They nod, smile, ponder, and respond in sync with each other – in sync, not in tangent.

I couldn’t help but smile as I scribble away on my pad while they continue to be locked in their conversation.

I guess you need to be able to respect your partner enough to lend them your undivided attention.

Aah! And may be, that’s love...