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Sunday, June 10, 2012

When 'Not So Ample' has 'Thoughts Running Amok'

This might just turn out to be one crazy fusion..

I've been writing a.k.a iNoting for a while (since 2009 actually) on FB. Circa 2012 'nomadic thunking' deems it natural that in the view of attempting to reach across a larger audience, I may as well have 'em as a separate blog!


What this post would do is bring those older iNotes here under one roof.

  1.  iSpeak
  2. iWonder
  3. iRuminate
  4. iClique
  5. iPlay
  6. iCopyPaste.1 ;)
  7. iCopyPaste.2 ;)
  8. iExamine(r)
  9. iSalute
  10. iQuote 'em
  11. iYatri
  12. iRONY
  13. iScheme
  14. iResolve
  15. iMachiaventilate
  16. iExamine(r) 2.0
  17. iQuestion 'Bharat Bandh'
  18. iReason
  19. iSarcas
  20. iToast
  21. iCopyPaste.3 ;)
  22. iCopyPaste.4
  23. iCopyPaste.5
  24. iCelebrate
  25. iDebate
  26. iCopyPaste.6
  27. iDunno
  28. iCopyPaste.7
  29. iDuel
  30. iSee
  31. iPonder
  32. iSlapsgive
  33. iMuse
Whoa -- 33! I don't think I ever realized that I put down so many of my thoughts...

#34 of the series will continue on this site... :)

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  1. iResolve to iRead all your iWrites and iNotes as they come along with an iFeverish ifetish on your iThunk-blog.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Your iFan