Nothing is static.

Except, of course, for our minds at times! We cannot seem to be able to help that urge of being stuck up at times (more often than not).
Minds that have attained the proverbial ‘nirvana’, speak of ‘every moment as being a teaching moment’ – we could agree to disagree. And while ‘yours truly’ does not personally approve of delving too much on the past and conducting a post mortem, there is an acknowledgement and acceptance (N.B.: both are two separate processes, NOT synonymous) that most of us undermine the significance of such finer nuances.

What do most of us make of the suggestion to:

These are but a few instances that come to mind immediately.

Whether we admit it or not, these could guide in fine tuning some of the otherwise staunch and rigid beliefs we begin to formulate and hold on to... which in a way, giving birth to our own set of dogmas that we tend to push down other people’s gullet!

And no matter how ‘open minded’and ‘liberal’ one can claim oneself to be, by virtue of the fact that we are human, unless one is constantly challenging oneself, one can never be quite sure of oneself ever. True story.